Audi Servicing in Cambridgeshire

Main Dealer Audi Servicing in Cambridgeshire Is a Rip Off – Try Us


If your main Audi dealer charged you £269 for a major repair on your A3, would you consider that a rip off? Probably – at least if you talked to the folks at Fleet Road Garage and found out they could do the exact same repair for just £100. Such scenarios are not so far-fetched when you consider the fact that untold numbers of car owners are overpaying for Audi Servicing in Cambridgeshire. They are paying exorbitantly high dealer prices when independent garages all over the region can do the work for much less.


When it comes to Fleet Road Garage, we’re not just talking about saving a little money on oil changes, spark plugs, and other minor repairs. We’re talking about significant savings on just about any type of repair your car might need. From the previously mentioned minor repairs, all the way up to the major ones, we can give you the same quality service and parts for less money because we don’t have the additional costs that the dealer has.


It’s Your Car, You’re in Control


One of the ways dealers manage to successfully rip off customers is to convince them that only they can do Audi Servicing repairs on your Audi. They claim that because they represent the Audi brand, they are the most qualified to work on your vehicle. But that’s not necessarily the case. As it turns out, it is not uncommon for experienced Audi technicians looking to get out of the dealer atmosphere to come to independent shops like Fleet Road Garage. We provide an excellent working environment, pay them what they’re worth, and make room for career development.


Despite what your dealer may tell you, you are not required to use them for Audi Servicing, routine maintenance and repairs. For non-warranty issues you are free to use any repair facility you choose. After all, it is your car. Where warranty work is concerned you’ll have to use of repair facility approved by Audi. But that doesn’t mean you’re confined to main dealers.


Get a Second Opinion


Another method dealers sometimes employ to rip off customers is to charge them for unnecessary repairs or costly parts. This is a common tactic used with great success because most of us know very little about how cars work. Dealers are relying on our ignorance to allow them to make any repairs they want at any cost they deem necessary. But you can avoid being ripped off by seeking a second opinion.


We would welcome the opportunity to provide that second opinion you require. You don’t have to fall victim to the high prices that come with main dealer Audi Servicing in Cambridgeshire. We’ll be happy to look over your vehicle, diagnose the problems, and give you an estimate with a very reasonable price. Why not contact us today to see how we can help you?!