Car Air Conditioning Recharge

Car Air Conditioning Recharge and FULL System Check – STARTS AT ONLY £65!


Nothing is worse than motoring down the open road on a hot summer day, flipping on your air conditioning unit, and finding it blowing warm air. Just when you’re hoping to feel a cold breeze on your face it’s very disappointing to find out your system isn’t working. But you can avoid such a scenario by having a Car Air Conditioning Recharge and full system check done at Fleet Road Garage.


Before we recharge your system we will remove all the gas, check it for leaks, and test your compressor. That’s the only way we can be sure it’s all working properly before we recharge it.


The best part of our Car Air Conditioning Recharge service is the fact that you can get it for just £65 inc VAT. Compare that to other garages and main dealers that will undoubtedly have no qualms about charging you more. They do so just because they can. But at Fleet Road Garage, we believe satisfied customers are more important than making quick money off extremely high prices. That’s why we always strive to give you the lowest possible rate on all repairs we do.


Why a Full Air Conditioning System Check Is Important


No car air conditioning system is 100% foolproof all the time. Small leaks can develop in worn-out seals; leaks that aren’t large enough to completely deplete your system right away, but which could do so over the long summer months. On the other hand, your system could be functioning perfectly from a mechanical standpoint while the gas inside is no longer performing up to standard. The only way to tell is to do a full system check.


There are some garages that simply open the bonnet of your car, listen for a few minutes, and then take a guess as to why your car isn’t cooling as it should. If they guess right, you’re in luck. But if they guess wrong, you could spend weeks of driving to and from the garage while they attempt one guess after another. That’s no way to spend your life. You’re better off bringing your car to Fleet Road Garage in Holbeach Lincolnshire for our full air conditioning system check and recharge. If all you need is a recharge the whole process can be completed relatively quickly. If you do need repair work, we’ll show you what needs to be done and give you a reasonable estimate.


Our Savings Is Your Savings


A lot of our customers wonder how we can provide such great service at such low prices. It all comes down to savings. In other words, we run a small but efficient shop consisting five dedicated staff members who know their craft. We don’t have a monstrous warehouse full of parts, a fancy showroom, or the fairly large staff it takes to run a full dealership. The savings we enjoy by running a small and efficient garage we can pass on to you in lower prices. To put it simply, our savings are your savings.