Car Air Conditioning Service – We Guarantee to Find the Problem

Car Air Conditioning Service is one of the more difficult repairs on today’s modern cars. Mostly that’s due to advanced technology which is employed not only to cool your car, but also to protect the environment and preserve fuel efficiency as much as possible. That makes today’s air conditioning systems more complicated than they were in the past. It also means that when you take your car to be serviced you need to be careful to use a garage that will take the time to make sure they get it right. The last thing you need is to have to make repeated trips back to the garage while they attempt to chase down a problem they can’t seem to identify.


Fleet Road Garage is a repair facility dedicated to providing the best repairs at the lowest possible price. When it comes to Car Air Conditioning Service we guarantee to find the problem and get it fixed. We’ll hook up your air conditioning system to our diagnostic unit which will remove all the gas and identify leaks. We’ll also test your compressor to make sure it works properly throughout the entire process. It may be you need new seals, a new compressor, or just a simple recharge.


Don’t Pay for Unnecessary Air Conditioning Repairs


It’s true that some garages don’t take the time to properly diagnose your car air conditioning problems and simply send you on your way with a still faulty system. But on the other side of the equation are those who claim you need costly repairs when all you need is a simple system recharge. Without being privy to their diagnostic service you just have to assume they are telling you the truth. This could mean hundreds of pounds in labour and parts to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.


When you bring vehicle to us for Car Air Conditioning Service we’ll take the time to show you what we find. If there’s a leak, or your compressor will not work properly, will be sure to let you know. If you want to see for yourself we’ll be happy to show you what we have found. That way, if we tell you it’s time for a new compressor you’ll be able to see for yourself. That’s part of our promise of integrity; a promise you get on all repairs we perform at Fleet Road Garage.


Experience Makes a Difference


We cannot overstate the importance of experience when it comes to diagnosing and repairing your air conditioning system. Fortunately, our customers enjoy the finest Car Air Conditioning Service provided by the top technicians in the business. Fleet Road Garage is a small, five employee facility with a dedicated staff who knows the importance of taking care of our customers. We would relish the opportunity to provide you with the best Car Air Conditioning Service you’ve ever experienced. So give us a call or pop down to our Holbeach site at your earliest convenience. You’ll be glad you did.