Independent Skoda Specialists

Independent Skoda Specialists – Why Pay £262 for A Major Service!


If you had to have your computer repaired, would you trust it to a qualified local repair shop or spend 150% more just to send it back to the manufacturer? Most of us would choose a local repair shop as long as we could verify their reputation and track record. That said why do so many people spend up to three times what they would at a local garage just to take their cars to a main dealer for service and repairs? Probably because of the many misconceptions associated with car repairs.


For example, there are people willing to spend £262 for a major Skoda service simply because they believe their main dealer is the most qualified to do the work. Yet they don’t realise that there are independent garages that can do the same work for less money. At Fleet Road Garage, we are your Independent Skoda Specialists fully trained and qualified to do that same that major repair. And we can do it for just £100!


There’s simply no reason to pay such a high price at the dealer when we can do the same repair for significantly less. Imagine what you could do with the £162 you save on a major repair. Think about the £59 you would save a minor repair and the £29 savings on front pads. Over the entire life of your vehicle, the money you can save by bringing your car to Fleet Road Garage can be fairly significant. We’re talking possibly thousands of pounds depending on how long you own your vehicle.


An Independent Garage You Can Trust


It’s no secret that many car owners have an unfavourable view of repair shops and technicians. A lot of that is due to the fact that some repair shops are known for being dishonest in their business practices. They might perform work that’s unnecessary, overcharge for work that is necessary, or apply an especially steep mark-up on the parts they use. Rest assured that Fleet Road Garage only engages in the most ethical business practices possible. If you ever doubt our recommendations we’ll be happy to show you the broken or faulty components in person. We’ll also let you know if there’s something that needs to be addressed but can wait until your next service appointment.


If you’re concerned about the expertise and professionalism of our technicians, there’s no need to be. When we hire a new technician it’s usually because he’s left a main dealer or another garage looking for better pay and more opportunity. We don’t hire just any mechanic of the street, and we certainly don’t hire mechanics on bonus. As Independent Skoda Specialists, what you get from us is dependability, trustworthiness, and service and repairs done right.


Rather than just take our word for it, why not stop by for a visit next time you’re Skoda needs servicing. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can meet all of your Skoda servicing needs.