Mercedes Repairs in Lincolnshire

Get Main Dealer Mercedes Repairs in Lincolnshire For Less!


It’s true that car repairs are a simple fact of life. But that doesn’t mean just because you own a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes, you have to pay extremely high prices for your repairs at a main dealer. At Fleet Road Garage we provide your Mercedes Repairs in Lincolnshire for less. In fact, our savings are so significant they could be anywhere from 20% to 60%, depending on the type of service you need. That’s a significant amount of savings regardless of the car you drive.


While it’s true that most of the time you get what you pay for, that’s not always the case with car repairs. Some main dealers and repair garages are counting on the ignorance of their customers in order to perform unnecessary work or charge more than is necessary. Fleet Road Garage doesn’t treat customers this way. We respect you and your vehicle, and we always strive to treat you fairly, make all repairs correctly, and only charge you very reasonable rates.


Integrity in the Car Repair Business


It’s difficult to find integrity in the car repair business because most of us don’t know much about the vehicles we drive. If the technician tells us we need a new part, we generally take his word for it regardless of the cost. But the fact remains that customer ignorance is one of the main tools dealers and garages used to exploit unsuspecting car owners. That’s not right. You should be able to take your car in to be serviced and expect you’ll be getting repairs done honestly and with integrity.


One of the ways we guarantee you’ll get exactly that comes by way of the technicians we hire. In order to give you the absolute best service we hire only the absolute best technicians. And because we believe Mercedes Repairs in Lincolnshire require the best technicians, we pay our people very well in order to retain them. In fact, many of our technicians come to us by way of other garages and main dealers unwilling to pay them what their skills were worth. We pay well because we appreciate mechanics with high levels of proficiency and integrity.


The Best of Both Worlds


Our current customers know they enjoy the best of both worlds — quality repairs by excellent technicians and a price significantly less than the main dealer. For example, you might pay £180.00 for front pad service at your main dealer. At Fleet Road Garage you’ll get the same quality service and professional repair for just £94.80. That’s a savings of more than 48%!


So ask yourself this; why would you pay nearly double for front brake pad service at a main dealer when you can get the exact same repair for less at Fleet Road Garage?


Next time you need to Mercedes Repairs in Lincolnshire we encourage you to give us a call. We would love the opportunity to show you we are your best option for all your Mercedes repair needs.