Mercedes Servicing Cambs

Mercedes Servicing Cambs. A Service £120 v £295 at Main Dealer!


When you buy a Mercedes-Benz you are buying one of the finest made automobiles in the world. When it comes time to repair that vehicle, you need a dependable garage that will do the job right without charging you an exorbitant price. That’s why your best choice for Mercedes Servicing in Cambridgeshire is Fleet Road Garage. We have the tools, equipment, and experience to perform everything from routine maintenance to major repairs. And we do it all at a price your main dealer can’t beat.


Imagine if the responsiveness and handling of your Mercedes C200 Saloon started to go, to the extent that you took it to your main dealer for a diagnostic and repair. They might charge upwards of £295 for shocks, struts, or any of the other components that make up your steering system. But that same repair done at Fleet Road Garage will likely cost you only about £120 — less than half the cost of work done at your dealer. That’s what we do at Fleet Road Garage. We make Mercedes Servicing in Cambridgeshire affordable, yet still dependable.


Service You Deserve


The fact that you own a Mercedes-Benz says quite a bit about your tastes and the level of service you expect. We understand that, which is why we strive to provide the absolute best service to all our customers. We know you didn’t spend money on a Mercedes just to trust its service and repairs with any old garage. Your Mercedes is an investment which says a lot about you; you want a garage that will treat both you and your Mercedes right.


At Fleet Road Garage we hire only the best technicians who know your car inside and out. Not only that, we retain the best of the best by paying them what they’re worth. When you allow us to service your car you can rest assured that the work isn’t being done by the latest low-paid technician just passing through on his way to greener pastures. Your work will be performed by an experienced technician as committed as you are to making sure your vehicle is repaired correctly.


Let Us Earn Your Business


Certainly there are lots of garages throughout Cambridgeshire, so we wouldn’t expect you to just take our word for things. We would ask you to give us the opportunity to earn your business by allowing us to service your Mercedes at the next available opportunity. Why not pop in and have a chat so we may discuss any needs you may have.


For Mercedes Servicing in Cambridgeshire there is no better choice than Fleet Road Garage. Please contact us today so we can discuss with you how we can best meet your needs.