MOT Centre in Holbeach

MOT Centre in Holbeach, Only £39.50! Why Pay £54.85 Elsewhere?!


If you’re driving a car on UK roads that is more than three years old it is subject to an annual MOT inspection in accordance with UK law. In fact, it is illegal to drive such a car on public highways without an up-to-date MOT certificate. You can obtain a certificate by having your vehicle inspected at any certified garage, but we suggest you bring your vehicle to us at Fleet Road Garage. The reason being that we can perform your MOT inspection for only £39.50. Some other garages charge as much as £54.85 for the exact same inspection.


As a top MOT Centre in Holbeach, Fleet Road Garage inspects your vehicle according to the exact same standards every other garages uses. Our technicians are trained and certified according to UK laws; the same as you’ll find at any MOT inspection centre. So why do the others cost more? Because customers are willing to pay it. Smart consumers in Lincolnshire know that the higher price doesn’t get you a better inspection. They come to Fleet Road Garage because we perform the same service at a lower price.


What an MOT Inspection Entails


The MOT inspection was instituted to ensure that all vehicles operating on UK highways do not pose a safety hazard. As such, it is designed to identify any current deficiencies. If any are found by the inspector they must be corrected and an MOT certificate issued before the car can be legally driven on the road again. Remember that it is always illegal to drive a vehicle deemed unsafe on public roads in the UK.


As part of the MOT inspection the technician will look at the following areas: brakes, steering and suspension, tyres, seat belts, lighting and signals, structural integrity, exhaust and omissions, and obstruction-free view. Some parts of the test entail concrete thresholds which make it easy to decide whether a specific system passes or fails. For example, if your indicators don’t work, they fail the test.


On the other hand, other parts of the inspection are subjective. For example, it would be up to the discretion of the inspector to decide whether the crack in the windscreen falls in the line of the drivers vision or not.  Here at Fleet Road Garage we try and pass every vehicle if at all possible.


Inspection While You Wait


Fleet Road garage can do your MOT inspection while you wait, so there’s no need to drop off your vehicle overnight. This makes our inspection service extremely convenient for busy individuals. Just be advised that you need to schedule your inspection at least three days in advance. If your current MOT certificate has expired you can legally drive to our MOT Centre in Holbeach on the day of your scheduled appointment. You can also legally drive the vehicle to a place of repair or home following a test so long as the failure items do not contravene other driving laws ie If your tyres are illegal and the vehicle is driven on the road you will still be subject to a possible fine and points on your licence.


We hope you’ll take us up on our offer of an MOT inspection for just £39.50. We’re confident if you give us a try, you’ll make Fleet Road Garage your choice for all your future repairs.