MOT Garage Lincolnshire

MOT Garage Lincolnshire – Top VOSA Test Centre, Only £39.50!


Lincolnshire drivers, you need a top VOSA test centre where you can get your MOT inspection completed in a timely and reliable manner. Fortunately, Fleet Road Garage is a certified MOT Garage in Lincolnshire able to complete an inspection and issue you an official certificate. And with just three days advance booking, we can get you in and get your inspection done for just £39.50. Better yet, we can do the inspection while you wait. Enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee while we put your car through its MOT in our fully-equipped and certified garage.


As long as everything on your vehicle passes inspection you’ll have a certificate and be on your way in no time. Most inspections can be completed in under an hour, so you won’t have to take precious time away from work or family just to make sure your car is in compliance. In the unfortunate event that your vehicle doesn’t pass inspection, we will give you a full price for the repairs including VAT, no hidden charges, and we are fully prepared to get started on the necessary repairs as soon as possible after you give us your approval.


What We’ll Be Looking At


The nice thing about MOT testing (if that’s possible) is the fact that it is a standard inspection with very rigid guidelines. Certified inspectors know exactly what it is they’re supposed to be checking as well as things that don’t pose any safety hazards. So expect our technician to look at things like the quality of your tyres, whether or not your brake lights and turn signals work, whether your wipers give you sufficient clearing, and whether or not your chassis and body are still structurally sound enough to be safe.


You should be aware that some of the inspection guidelines are open to interpretation. For example, you may see some rust beginning to have an effect on your chassis. It’s up to the discretion of the inspector to determine whether or not the chassis are in danger of imminent failure and whether or not that presents a safety hazard. On the other hand, things like brake lights and turn signals are pretty straightforward. As long as they work, they pass.


If We Find Non-Safety Related Issues


Any MOT Garage in Lincolnshire is required to pass your vehicle and issue a certificate if the designated areas of inspection meet or exceed government minimum standards. However, at Fleet Road Garage we believe in being honest and forthright with all of our customers. If we see a deficiency in your vehicle that doesn’t fall under safety regulations, will still point out and ask if you want us to repair it. If it’s a repair that can wait for some time, we’ll let you know that up front. We are not the type of garage to perform unnecessary work just to be able to charge you more.


When it comes time for your inspection remember that Fleet Road Garage is a top MOT Garage in Lincolnshire, fully certified by VOSA as an official test centre.