MOT Test Centre Cambridgeshire

MOT Test Centre Cambridgeshire – Only £39.50! Why Pay More?!


If you had the choice to pay £54.85 or £39.50 for your MOT test, which would you choose? The answer is obvious — you would choose the £39.50 price unless you’re certifiably insane! But that begs the question, why would you go anyplace other than Fleet Road Garage? We are an MOT Test Centre near Cambridgeshire that can provide you with the exact same safety tests other garages perform, yet at a lower price. We won’t charge more for such a simple inspection just because we can.


If you’re confused about different garages charging different rates for MOT testing, you need to understand that it is a standard procedure dictated by government regulations. Every garage certified by VOSA to perform MOT testing must follow the exact same guidelines and must test all of the same components. So spending £54.85 doesn’t get you a better test. If you can get the same service at Fleet Road Garage for just £39.50, why would you pay more?!


The Necessity of MOT Inspection


Every MOT Test Centre near Cambridgeshire performs the testing procedure for the same purpose: to make sure cars on UK roads are safe to drive. MOT regulations were first put into place by the UK government in the 1960s as a means of guarding against the safety hazards posed by older vehicles. As the regulations evolved they included more types of vehicles. Today, though different types of vehicles are regulated in different ways, all passenger vehicles more than three years old must undergo an annual test.


It is against the law to operate a non-exempt vehicle on public road without a valid MOT certificate. The only exception to the rule is in the case of driving a vehicle to or from a certified MOT Test Centre on the day of a scheduled test. Any other use of a non-certified vehicle is a violation which could result in significant fines. Even with a current MOT certificate, it is still illegal to drive your vehicle if it develops any deficiencies which could render it a potential unsafe. Therefore, if you suspect your car has any potential problems, you should bring it to Fleet Road Garage for a thorough inspection.


Our Technicians Are Certified Testers


It’s important to note that not just anyone with greasy hands and a wrench can perform MOT testing. Mechanics must be fully trained and certified by VOSA before they can do any such work. As a certified MOT Test Centre near Cambridgeshire we are pleased to report that our testers are VOSA certified.


Fleet Road Garage is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 5.30. Our Saturday hours are 8 to 12.30. If we can help you with your annual MOT test we would love the opportunity to do so. Just be sure to call us and schedule at least three days in advance. We’ll take care of the test while you wait in our comfortable waiting room with a hot cup of tea or coffee.