MOT Testing Spalding

MOT Testing Spalding – Top Rated VOSA Test Station Only £39.50!


If you’ve been driving in the UK for any length of time you’re undoubtedly aware of the law in regards to MOT Testing. Different classes of vehicles are required to submit to MOT regulations in different ways, but as a general rule any passenger vehicle over three years old must undergo MOT Testing on an annual basis. The test is carried out at a certified MOT centre and looks at things like turn signals and tail lights, brakes, vehicle emissions, structural integrity, tyres, and so on.


The term “MOT” is taken from the old Ministry of Transport, a government agency that no longer exists in the UK. MOT enforcement is now the domain of the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). VOSA certifies technicians to perform inspections, certifies garages as official testing stations, and exercises vehicle stopping authority on UK roadways.


For MOT Testing in Spalding, we encourage you to bring your car to Fleet Road Garage. We are a top rated VOSA test station offering the official MOT inspection at a very affordable cost of just £39.50. Some of our competitors charge up to £54 or more for the very same inspection, simply because they can. But at Fleet Road Garage we believe in giving our customers the service they need at reasonable prices. We don’t charge you higher fees if we can avoid it.


The Testing Procedure


For MOT Testing in Spalding the procedure is fairly simple. When you arrive your vehicle is assigned to a certified inspector who thoroughly checks out your vehicle according to government guidelines. He might start by putting your vehicle on the brake rolling tester to establish the braking efficiency of you vehicle followed by the ramp and checking your tyres, suspension, brake lines, and so on. If all goes well underneath he’ll lower your vehicle about halfway and check your steering system. Finally, he’ll lower your car to the ground and test your tail lights, headlights, wipers, and the view out all of your windows.


Provided everything meets or exceeds minimum government requirements your vehicle passes and will be issued a 12-month MOT certificate. If it does not pass our tester is required by law to provide you full details as to why. While you’re with us we’ll offer you options for repair along with a full cost of any repairs including VAT with no hidden costs. Hopefully your car passes without any issues. But if not, we can do the work necessary to bring your vehicle up to standard.


Don’t Put off Testing


Except when driving to and from a certified MOT Testing station, it is illegal to drive a passenger vehicle on UK roadways without a current MOT certificate. If you’re caught doing so you could face heavy fines and other penalties as determined by law. Therefore, it’s not worth the risk. Make sure your MOT is up to date and your car is safe. If there’s every any question about the safety of your car, please bring it to Fleet Road Garage so we can take a look. And don’t forget we will remind you the next year by post prior to your MOT test expiry.