Audi Service Centre Lincolnshire

Audi Service Centre Lincolnshire, Major Service Only £100 v £269!


Audi is a great car company, that’s for sure. Their vehicles are pretty dependable, fun to drive, economical, and stylish. Unfortunately, when they have a problem they can be costly to repair. But at Fleet Road Garage we want you to know that we are a specialist Audi Service Centre in Lincolnshire offering all of the necessary repair services you might need at a fraction of what you’d pay through a main dealer. You may be suspicious of our prices, however we can also assure you will get the finest parts, highest quality repairs, and best customer service possible.


In terms of pricing, consider the cost of one of our major repairs for an Audi A3 we offer at a price of only £100. That same repair at your main Audi dealer could cost you upwards of £269; that is more than 150% of our price! Why pay such a high price for repairs when there’s no need to? The extra money you save by bringing your car to Fleet Road Garage Audi Service Centre could be used in any number of more worthwhile ways. Likewise, you will also realise significant savings when you use us for minor repairs, routine maintenance, and common replacement parts.


How They Get Away with It


Main Dealers tend to charge such high prices for two reasons. First of all, they have a tremendous amount of overhead costs when compared to an independent Audi Service Centre repair facility like Fleet Road Garage. They’re going to add those costs into all of their retail prices, both on the sales floor and in the service department. But more importantly, they charge such high prices because they can. Customers who are locked into the main dealer because they don’t know any better simply accept the costs as is and don’t worry about it too much.


Don’t fall for the line that you can only have your Audi serviced at a main dealer location. You’re free to have your vehicle serviced at any Audi Service Centre in Lincolnshire you choose. Keep in mind however, that some specific warranty work can only be done by an authorised Audi Main Dealer.


Reputation Is Everything


If you want to avoid paying high dealer prices while still getting good quality work, we recommend you talk to your friends and family. Ask them for their opinions about the types of cars they drive, where they get them serviced, and how happy they are with the work and the price. There’s no more honest assessment than what you’ll get from the people closest to you. If any of your friends or family members have already used the Audi Service Centre at Fleet Road Garage we’re positive they will give us a good review.


Regardless of who you choose, remember that reputation and integrity are everything. And while you’re looking, please take the time to contact us so we can discuss how your Audi repair needs can be met. It’s a phone call you surely won’t regret.