Audi Servicing in Lincolnshire

Audi Servicing in Lincolnshire for £100 vs. £269 at Main Dealer!


If you drive an Audi A3 you know it’s a car that perfectly combines luxury, power, and functionality into a single vehicle. It has been one of the more popular cars in Europe ever since the release of the second generation, Type 8P in 2003. Yet the Audi A3 is on the cutting edge of automotive advancements, both mechanically and in terms of styling, so trusting just any garage for repairs is not the wisest idea. For Audi Servicing in Lincolnshire you need a repair garage with the knowledge and expertise to take care of your car the right way.


Fleet Road Garage has exactly what you’re looking for. In terms of diagnostic equipment, we have everything the main dealers have in their workshops. In terms of technicians, let’s just say that when they are looking for a new workshop with a better working environment, better pay, and opportunities for career development, they come to places like Fleet Road Garage. We value their skills and knowledge, and we pay them accordingly. We’re not the type of garage that looks for cheap, inexperienced technicians just passing through.


Better Pricing Than the Main Dealers for Audi Servicing in Lincolnshire


You might think that the quality of our technicians and service dictates we charge higher prices. But you’ll be happy to know that’s not the case. Since we don’t have all of the costs associated with maintaining a dealership, we also don’t have the exorbitantly high repair prices they do. With little overhead we can afford to pay our technicians very well while still passing on significant savings to our customers.


For example, you may visit a dealer offering Audi Servicing in Lincolnshire for a standard repair on your Audi A3. You may think nothing of it when that dealer charges you as much as £269. But you could bring your car to Fleet Road Garage and get the same repair for just £100. At a difference of £169, you’d be paying more than 150% more by taking your car to a main dealer. That’s money you can put to better use elsewhere.


Making No Assumptions


When it comes to cars many people just assume that the main dealer is the best choice for maintenance and repairs. But if you and I would not consider purchasing car insurance without doing some comparative shopping, why would we take our car in for repairs without checking on pricing? When people simply rely on the dealer they are, more often than not, relying on that dealer has a representative of the car manufacturer. But just as dealers must build overhead costs into the price of the vehicles they sell, they must build those same costs into their repair and maintenance departments.


Rather than simply rely on your main dealer we encourage you to contact us so we can further explain how we may assist you. We’re confident that you’ll return in the future after just one experience with Fleet Road Garage.