MOT Testing

MOt testing while you wait

MoT only £45.00

At Brights Garage we are qualified to undertake the testing of all cars and light commercial vehicles. We offer free re-testing in the event that any vehicle should fail and any repairs required can be arranged by us at a suitable time for you to get you back on the road and legal.

Please note these are any defects which in our opinion make the vehicle unsafe when driving.

Balance (wheels not locked)

Front Imbalance

Front / rear seat belts, seat security

Rear fog tail lights, ABS warning light

Switches (position lamp, headlamp)

Indicator, hazard switches

View to front, wipers & washers

Brake pedal, servo operation

Handbrake, steering wheel & column

Front doors, mirrors, horn

Vehicle structure

Braking systems

Exhaust system

Fuel system

Steering & suspension

Power steering components

Full emissions test carried out at idle and at revs

Brakes fully tested on brake rollers

Front / rear registration plate (class 5 vehicles not applicable)

Front lamps, including indicators

Headlamps and headlamp aim

Mirrors, front & rear shock absorbers

Front / rear wheels, tyres

Rear lights, rear fogs, number plate lamps

Number plate, stop lamps

Fuel tank cap

Indicators, hazards

Rear doors & boot lid

Wiper blades

General condition of the vehicle

Steering including power steering

Drive shafts (if applicable)

Front suspension, shock absorbers

Front & rear wheel bearings

Wheels and tyres

Service brake control

Mechanical brake components

Parking brake system, exhaust system

Fuel tank & fuel system

Rear suspension inc. shock absorbers

Structure, general vehicle condition



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